2 samples

2 Revisions

Must have a direction,

sketches or samples.

3 to 5 business days




4 samples

4 Revisions

Must have a direction,

sketches or samples.

5 to 7 business days




7 samples

Endless Revisions

Must have a direction,

sketches or samples.

7 to 10 business days

request a free consultation

one of our professionals will contact you to discuss your project

Initial discussion will be scheduled for an overview of the project.  Black Label Marketing Co. will produce samples within the time allocated per package. From the initial concepts one logo must be chosen to move on to the revision stage. If for some reason you are not entirely happy with any of the logo samples, a final composition can be created after a second more detailed briefing is conducted, client must also provide at least 3 other samples for better understanding. At this point if you are still not entirely happy your initial payment will be refunded (allow 3 to 5  business days for refund).  Revision cycles generally consist of 3-5 additional compositions, tweaks, color changes and there small adjustments as needed. Allow up to 24 hours for any minor changes and up to 36 hours for all major changes. Client’s requests shall be modifications of the current composition only. Revision requests that depart from the current composition will be honored and completed in the same timely manner, however BLMC reserves the right to charge $65 for each such Revision. No revision work, which requires payment, will be started without authorization from Client. Ownership (copyright and title) of the final artwork become the property of the Client, having unlimited, indefinite, and royalty-free use of the image upon payment of all fees. BLMC retains rights to display the artwork in portfolio and advertising materials. All concepts, or other preliminary materials, that are not selected by the Client or are not included into the final delivery, remain the full property of BLMC. Clients can purchase additional logo samples within the samples of initial order for $150.00 as is or $200.00 with any additional revisions per sample.

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